The most densely packed stupid in the universe

April 24, 2009

The Family Institute of Connecticut*** has posted the following ad in the Connecticut Post. Be prepared to feel the stupid:



Let’s go through this slowly:

“Same-Sex Marriage Bill 899 will deny citizens their religious rights.”

How, exactly? Religious groups are protected from all kinds of things that us bad atheists have to deal with; you know, things like taxes and hate laws. And I haven’t parsed the details of Connecticut’s Bill 899, but I would assume it doesn’t have a mandatory same-sex marriage clause. Does it really force people to marry within their own gender?

“Schools that wish not to teach gay marriage will have no choice in the matter.”

Ahhh, I have such fond memories of my high school man-on-woman marriage classes; those were the days. I sure am glad I learned how to opposite sex marry all those years ago!

“Church groups who won’t comply will be punished by the government.”

You mean, groups that pay absolutely no tax and distribute books that are filled with the most vile garbage (which would land the rest of us in jail for promoting hate) are upset that they might have to follow the law and marry people who are legally entitled to do so? Pshaw!

“Business will have to close their doors.”

Well, perhaps the wedding planners will have to close their doors for one day while they finally get to marry their long-term partners. But they’ll be back open the next day, ready to help grant others the same right.

I sure am glad that the FIC produced this ad. I finally “get” it; same-sex marriage isn’t about ending discrimination and providing everyone with the same rights. This Connecticut bill isn’t about bringing the state in line with a growing cohort of other western democracies that have seen fit to end this type of discrimination.

Nah! It’s about making sure that religious people don’t have to think about icky things like same-sex marriage, and get to keep on foisting their Bronze Age morality on the rest of us.

Thanks, FIC!

*** – Have you ever noticed that if a group has the word ‘family’ in its title, it is invariably evil? Just sayin’…

Thanks to Friendly Atheist for the original link