Oh Canada, our home and ignorant land

It’s always nice to have some numbers to back up the gut feeling you have that many of those around you are idiots. Sure, one can go off all high-and-mighty and claim that there is widespread ignorance, but it’s just so, well, satisfying to see it out there for the whole world to see.

Apparently, more than half of Canadians (51%, in fact) believe that the Prime Minister is directly elected. Huh??? Fifty-one percent???

Now, I know that our voter turnout levels are terrible, and one wonders if the 51% of mistaken Canadians are those that aren’t able to pry themselves away from the TV once every few years to make a fricken checkmark in a box, but WTF??? Do these people actually recall voting for the Prime Minister? Do they???

Now you see why appealing to truthiness, rather than the truth*** is such a valuable proposition for politicians.

I don’t know why I’m so shocked, but there you go.

*** – Not at all trying to imply that Wikipedia is the ultimate database for what is true; just trying to show that this information is out there, on the Interwebs, for anyone to learn from.


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