More lunacy from our Prime Minister

So it seems that Stephen Harper is primed to add 18 new members to Canada’s Senate. This is, of course, his right as the Prime Minister (though it runs contrary to his prior committment to appointing only elected Senators). He’s doing it quickly because he knows there’s a fairly good chance that he won’t be the Prime Minister for very much longer.

Fair enough, but listen to how Mr. Harper rationalizes appointing these 18 new Senators (my emphasis):

“We remain committed to Senate reform, which means elections for senators. [But] as long as the Senate exists in its present form, Senate vacancies should be filled by a government that Canadians elected, not a government that Canadians rejected.”

“The democratically elected government will fill the Senate before the end of the year. And only senators who support our senate reform agenda including senate elections will be chosen.”

Man alive, our Prime Minister is a grade-A asshat. Do YOU remember voting for a government? I don’t. I remember voting for a Member of Parliament, who’s job it is to then sit in Parliament and select the government based on his or her support for a particular party or parties.

What a shitstorm this has become. Our PM continues to lie to Canadians about the legitimacy of the coalition. Once again, we can debate whether it’s a good idea or not to allow the Bloc to have a controlling stake in Canadian government policy, but the legality and “democraticness” of a coalition government should be beyond question; certainly by the Prime Minister.


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