Deafening silence

Ok, moderate muslims; the time has come for you to come out of the woodwork and explain to the world that demanding the death penalty for naming a teddy bear after your ‘prophet’ is absolute and utter insanity.

Time to shout it loud: this type of (real) intolerance is wholly unacceptable and incompatible with modernity.

Time to be vocal and demand that those calling for Gillian Gibbons’ death be (appropriately) punished for the very real crime of uttering death threats.

After all, we atheists are guilty of putting up straw men against religion, right? Tell you what, I’ll wait here with all the other atheists for the Muslim anti-intolerance parade to start, k?

Oh, and just in case the parade gets postponed or rained out or something, we’ll just keep on writing about how, in the end, religion might not be quite the source of morality that some might have us believe.


3 Responses to Deafening silence

  1. jonolan says:

    Several large Muslim groups in Britain have publicly denounced Sudan’s verdict.

  2. edge100 says:

    Good to hear. I havent heard a peep here in North America.

    This is a group of people, with representatives throughout the world, calling for the death of specific individuals based on books they write, movies the make, cartoons they draw, or teddy bears they name. I put it to you that it is an absolute requirement of ANYONE who claims that “Islam is a religion of peace” to stand up and vehemently oppose these morons (and this is not accomplished by simply using the ‘no true Scotsman’ defense).

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